Ernest Fernández Garrido (Sabadell, Barcelona 1977)

Someone told me about my work… “I love your photographs because looking at them is like going out for a city stroll… but without moving”. I consider myself as a self-taught photographer wishing to capture the street energy wherever I go.

I seek a certain self-conciousness in my pictures that recalls a memory, gives us a little knowing smile or simply captures the attention due to a framing element. There’s no prior preparation in any of my pictures, what’s more, some of them are taken while I go for a walk with my younger daughter… even sometimes, knowing me, she covertly points out to me where can I take a good street photograph.

I’ve been passionate about photography since I was a child. I enthusiastically remember the first camera I was given by my parents, a Polaroid Color that is still working nowadays. Later on, an analogic camera became a must in each of my teenager trips, catching memories in every city I was visiting.

Photography has always walked with me, also as a teacher. Over the fifteen years I’ve been working as a primary teacher, I’ve tried to awaken my pupil’s interest on photography, carrying out workshops, visiting expositions, leading them to read and understand pictures or images…

Nowadays my work is focussed on street photography, influenced by documental and social photography. 


  • October 2018. New member selected of global community of artist “PICTURE A HEALTHIER WORLD (PAHW).”

  • Setember 2018Selected photographer. BUCAREST INERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION. Organized by the photographers group “On Spot Streetphotography”.

  • July 2018. Publication at “THE BEST OF LENSCULTURE VOL.2” as a finalist in the category Street Photography Awards 2017. 

  • April 2018. Exhibition “ATURAR L’INSTANT”. First own exhibition. Compilation of the best photos between 2012-2017.
  • Setember 2017. Finalist “LENSCULTURE STREET PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS” whit the photo “I’m not a shadow, but a puppet”.
  • Setember 2017. Finalist “#NNSTREETPORTRAIT PHOTO CONTEST” organized by National Nederlander Spain.
  • Setember 2017. Selected photographer. BUCAREST INERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION “STREET LINES”. Organized by the photographers group “On Spot Streetphotography”.
  • December 2017. Selected photographer. “EXPOSITION XV ANNIVERSARY: PHOTOGRPHY CONTEST VALL DE CAMPRODON”(Girona, Catalonia, Spain)
  • December 2015. 5th classified “Vall de Camprodón photography contest” (Girona). Flora and faune category.
  • December 2014. 4th classified “Vall de Camprodón photography contest” (Girona). Heritage and society category.
  • December 2013. Jury special award. “Vall de Camprodón photography contest” (Girona). Heritage and society category.